Monday, July 2, 2007

Earth Sciences Practical Websites

If you have an Email or SMS capable Mobile Device, such as a Blackberry, Wireless PDA or Cell Phone, you might want to consider subscribing to all or some of the following Notification services.
If you are also in front of a computer most of the day you would want to add the Notification Services to it also,both at work and home.

To be warned when :

WC/ATWC messages are now also available via RSS.

For information on Tsunami events outside these areas, please register at

About Tsunami Watcher

This service provides tsunami bulletins issued from the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center. These bulletins contain information specific to residents along the:

  • Alaska coast
  • British Columbia coast
  • Eastern Canada coast
  • U.S. West coast
  • U.S. East coast
  • Gulf of Mexico coasts.

Short format messages provided through this site are very abbreviated (messages are less than 90 characters in length). These messages are intended for dissemination to cell phones with text messaging capabilities. Due to the message length limitations, only the message type, earthquake parameter information, and a very concise evaluation is provided.