Thursday, October 4, 2007

Balanced Scientific Inquiry

Track of Hurricane Andrew in August 1992

Controlled Media and “Global Warming”

Penn State Meteorologists Paul Knight and Fred Gadomski present a balanced, scientific, good natured discussion of Climate Change in the following video.
The opening statement in the video refers to a classic case of scare tactics being used to influence people, rather then science.

Spin Cycle: How the Media Portrays Climate Change
Date: January 21, 2006

The video is 1 hour 28 minutes in length and has over 30 minutes of audience questions at the end,starting at 60 minutes into the video.The presentation is lively and varied, with many graphs,video clips and interviews.

The questions are the type and nature that the average American (not the stupid cattle as many Elitists’ portray the average American) has on their mind.

I recommend watching it for a refreshing break from the controlled Media spin machine’s propaganda program; “Global Warming”.