Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Black Death and Climate Change

Climate change, not Global Warming caused the Black Death
(bubonic plague) that killed an estimated 75 million people, or 1/3 of the Western Christian Civilization in Europe.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in January of 2008 details the research of Anthropologists Sharon N. DeWitte and James W. Wood.
They examined the human remains of a Black Death cemetery in London and compared them with remains from cemeteries in Denmark, where the Black Death did not affect the local population.
The results were this:

Black Death killed more people who were starved of essential nutrients and already suffering from disease then it did well fed and healthy persons.
Why were they starved of essential nutrients and already suffering from disease?
Because the Medieval Warming Period, which ended around the year 1300, enabled abundant crops over much of Europe for hundreds of years. This continual abundance of food then created a population boom. The milder winters and longer growing seasons resulted in smaller amounts of environmental stress on the European peoples. As a result, by the year 1300 most of Europe’s people’s were well fed and generally healthy.

Then came the Great Famine of 1315–1322, the direct result of the cooling of the European climate, usually called the Little Ice Age. It started with three years of torrential rains beginning in 1315.The bad weather of the spring of 1315 resulted in crop failures over most of Europe and lasted until the summer of 1317.The unstable weather lasted in Europe until the 19th century and was characterized by severe winters and no or very short growing seasons.

When did the Black Death ravage Europe? From the years 1347 to 1351.

It doesn’t take a college degree to figure the natural chain of events caused by the Climate Change of 1300 to 1322.

The so called “Global Warming” of the Medieval Warming Period sparked the greatest boom in prosperity and health of the last 1,000 years in Europe. The climate change resulting in the Little Ice Age caused massive death and misery.

When people of the first half of the 1300's became starved, their immunity to common infections dropped, that combined with improper sanitation,lack of clean water and environmental stress set the stage for the Black Death.

Today climate change is still happening and the United States has done well to not comply with the Kyoto treaty. The answers for Americans are not to be found in the “Global Warming” policies as espoused by the zealots of that religious movement, but in private, local. state and national government planning for the future based on science, not “politics”.

Nothing less than avoiding massive levels of criminal activity, disease,cannibalism and mass death are at stake. Even the future of Personal Liberty is at risk.

Read the plans that so called scientists have in store for reducing the Earths population and then consider the policies of the Kyoto treaty along with the personal opinions of the “Global Warming” zealots. You will then understand why the “Global Warming” zealots should be fought and prevented from determining government policies.

If you are touchy feely and believe in the “goodness” of man, just wait until there is no food to eat due to present day misguided private and government policies.
The hunger crazed person you meet some day in the future might very well think that you were good, as in, you tasted very good.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Science or Religion?

Noah's Flood:Myth or Scientific Fact?

Picture: Rock of Gibraltar,called the one of the Gates of Hercules in ancient times.Site of a once solid mountain range that split open, allowing the Atlantic ocean to flood the Mediterranean Basin.

For over 150 years, some so called “scientists”, have decreed that the Genesis account in the Christian Bible was a fairy tale myth and not a “scientific” fact.

Yet as more deep sea drilling is done of the ocean floor, evidence is proving that such a world wide flood did occur.
For seekers of true scientific proofs I recommend reading the following book to begin your search for the validity or even the possibility that there was a Noah’s Flood. The book dose not promotes religion and avoids the issue. It does present fact after fact such as the following:

  • Barley roots along with other plant material in core samples from the Mediterranean sea floor
  • Fresh water clam shells in core samples from the Mediterranean sea floor
  • A huge debris fan spread out over the Mediterranean sea floor eastward from the Straits of Gibraltar
  • Pebble beach shorelines over 300 feet below the surface of the Black Sea
  • Smooth polished rocks retrieved from a former stream bed found in a buried gorge at the site of the Aswan Dam. At one time that running stream flowed into the Mediterranean sea basin at a level hundreds of feet below the present sea level of the Mediterranean sea
  • Mosaic murals’ found in the mountains adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea, of a huge flood that inundated village locations that were at the time of the flood, on the floor of the Mediterranean basin.

The book is available and still in print.

Noah's Flood: The New Scientific Discoveries About The Event That Changed History

by William Ryan and Walter Pitman

Paperback: 320 pages

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (January 25, 2000)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0684859203

ISBN-13: 978-0684859200

Another study from British scientists, lead by Chris Turney, a geologist at the University of Exeter, was published in the journal, Quaternary Science Reviews in September 14 ,2007.The study using radiocarbon dating and archaeological evidence concluded the following:

  • A flood some 8,300 years ago covered 73,000 square kilometers of the Black Sea Basin over a 34-year period, causing mass displacement of people.
  • After the flood there was a sudden expansion of farming and pottery production across the European continent.
  • When the flood happened, farming seemed to stop but it was re-established a generation later across Europe.
  • People displaced by the flood took their skills to new areas previously populated by hunters and gatherers, where there had been no evidence of farming
  • From archaeological data on farming in Europe it was found that only a little bit of farming was done in Greece and the Balkans just before the flood.

With climate change increasing across the earth it is time to start public planning for these future events, rather than discussing “carbon credits” and so called “man made global warming”. The great flood is a fact. Only god haters spew out their constant diatribe that there is no God and state that science’s seeming purpose is to disprove religious delusions and so called superstitions. Well as it turns out, more true scientific studies and research are proving that the so called “superstitions” were reliable reports of actual events.

Will the general public ever hear any contrite and humble confessions of wrong from these so called “scientists”??

If the melting of the ice sheets and glaciers continues at its existing pace, it is theorized in the British study, that sea levels may rise close to 3 feet by the year 2100.This conservatively, would displace some estimated 145 million people from low lying coastal areas around the world according to the same study.

I say theorized, because there is the possibility the earths crust will deform from the additional weight of the water changing location and result in little change to existing shorelines.

Or, the shore lines will be little affected, due to possible expansion of the earth’s diameter from what some scientists theorize and call the expanding earth theory.

In simple terms, a very small group of people believe that the earth is actually expanding and of course simple math would tell you with any appreciable increase in the earths diameter, and with a constant amount of water as a given, the waterline would most likely recede.

But if the water level does rise, where are these people going to go?

These issues are real issues, not only for this generation but for the next generation. That Climate Change is constant, most scientists will agree on. It is the rate and direction that, we as a civilization need to determine and prepare for.

The discussion can not bear fruit when god hating zealots shout down, ignore and dismiss conflicting reports to their religious agenda.

All true scientists must support the belief in absolute truths. With out that adherence to the spirit of Truth, there is no science, only dictates and tyranny.

In the Soviet Union it was dictated that science must confirm to Communist Party Dogma. As a result the most brilliant of Russian scientists were sent to Gulags to die and Russian science was handicapped and stymied for a period of 20 years.

Stand up against the Party Line of Global Warming. Both faith and science go together. The whole of the True scientific method has the element of faith in it called: hypotheses. There is no escape from it; science research contains the element of faith. When a scientist proposes a thing to be true with out evidence, that is an act of faith. When he conducts his research that is exercising his faith.

Noah’s Flood is a fact, whether it is believed or not. The research and evidence proves it.

Going back to 1987 news reports were made of whale and other marine animal fossils being found at the top of some of the highest mountains in the Andes. Putting you cursor over the above link will take you to an article written in the NY Times.Here is an excerpt:

''For example,'' Dr. Novacek said, ''we found the oyster beds and sand dollars just beneath the lowest sediments containing land animals."

Please explain how their carcasses arrived at over 10,000 feet in altitude without at least jostling the oceans, just even a little bit.

Subsea Volcanoes and Carbon Dioxide

There have been reports of many dormant volcanoes erupting with in the last two weeks. All of them spewing out large volumes of super hot lava, carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere.

These are reported because they are erupting near population centers, so making it into the news media.

What about all the eruptions occurring beneath the waves of the earth’s oceans out of sight?Volcanic activities which are acidifying the ocean water, from the large quantities of carbon dioxide they release.That same carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere as the earth's oceans warm from the geothermal heating,not atmospheric heating.

This brings up the following point:

The Earth is a Molten mass that generates its own heat! It has to be that the earth is similar to the sun, in that it generates its own heat. If not, where does the molten lava spewing from all the volcanoes come from?

All the Water in the oceans of the World is in direct contact with the Molten Core within the earth. On land there is Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone Park; where water seeping through cracks in the earth, contacts the molten lava and turns to steam.

Think of how much warming must be happening to the water of the Oceans of the World as it seeps down into the earth through cracks in the ocean floor.

What happens if an earthquake cracks the floor of the Oceans and more water, at a faster rate, is heated by the molten lava?

Mr. Bob Ballard of Titanic fame, has discovered holes on the oceans floor, smoker vents, spewing out superheated streams of water. The Ocean floor is porous and all the water in the world eventually comes in contact with the internal heat from the molten core of the Earth and is HEATED by it. What determines how much heat is transferred to the water? Global Warning explained in the Light of the Truth. Notice the word Truth.

Have you ever had an argument with a Liar or group of Liars? Ask the next Global Warming Hysteric you meet about the above information. And ask;
"Since the atmosphere is in contact with the vacuum of space where it is close to absolute zero temperature isn't the Earth actually cooling off? And because the atmosphere is being sucked off into outer space shouldn't we keep our cars and SUV's running at all times to replenish it?"
You got to admit, it has the possibility of starting a HEATED conversation!

The discussion of climate change, has among many persons, degenerated into a discussion of a religion, the religion of “mother earth”, gaia and “Global warming”.

As to the belief that man kind and his activities alone are effecting climate change, here is a religious perspective backed by prophecy given and prophecy fulfilled:

"And God sent them a strong Delusion that they should believe a LIE"

Strong words,inflammatory rhetoric some would cry.No, just an adherence to the seeking of Truth,not science, falsely so called.

Prove that "Global Warming " is caused by mankind's CO2 emissions, is my challenge to the new religionists of "Mother Earth".They can't.Yet the scientific proof is there in the studies and reports of the volcanic and geothermal heating of the oceans.While the adherents to this new religion,actually an old religion,urge everyone to go back to serfdom,the necessary preparations, based on accurate scientific data, for mankind's continued prosperity and health are not being made.

The consequences to our civilization will indeed be grave,no pun intended!

Volcanic Heating is Melting Ice Caps

Geothermal heat is melting the ice caps.

A study published today, January 20, 2008, reveals the probable main source of the receding ice caps and climate change. The study by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) showed the proof of a massive volcanic eruption that melted a large portion of ice shelf some 2000 years ago. The study speculates that the subterranean heating is still on going in this present day and calls for more extensive studies.

The location of the volcano is close to the Pine Island Glacier, the same area experiencing the greatest ice sheet LOSS today!!

To read a summary of the study:

Article Titled:

A recent volcanic eruption beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet

By Hugh F. J. Corr & David G. Vaughan

Published online January 20, 2008

This current study backs up the previous reports such as the following:

ANTARCTICA - no name volcano

June 20th, 2004

A previously unknown underwater volcano has been discovered off the coast of Antarctica, and explains mariners' historical reports of discolored water in the area. The research vessel Lawrence M. Gould (information sheet illustrating the ship ) was returning from a study of a collapsed ice self when it passed over the volcano. Temperature probes showed evidence of geothermal heating of seawater. A lack of marine life on dark rock around the volcano indicated that lava had flowed fairly recently. The volcano is in an area known as Antarctic Sound, at the northernmost tip of Antarctica. There is no previous scientific record of active volcanoes in the region where the new peak was discovered. The volcano is located on the continental shelf, in the vicinity of a deep trough carved out by glaciers passing across the sea floor. The volcano stands 2,300 feet above the sea floor and extends to within roughly 900 feet of the ocean surface.

ANTARCTICA - Erebus Volcano

June 1st, 2004

As of the 1st of June, Mt. Erebus, the southern most volcano in the world, still continues to be the most active volcano in Antarctica. Mt. Erebus (3794 meters above sea level) is classified as a polygenetic stratovolcano. The composition of the current eruptive activity on Mt. Erebus is anorthoclase-phyric tephriphonolite and phonolite, which constitute the bulk of exposed lava flow on the volcano………..

A conspicuous break in slope at approximately 3200 meters is a summit plateau representing a caldera. The summit caldera itself is filled with small volume tephriphonolite and phonolite lava flows. In the center of the of the summit caldera is a small, steep-sided cone composed primarily of decomposed lava bombs and a lag deposit of anorthoclase crystals. It is within this summit cone that the active lava lake continuously degasses (CO2) and periodically erupts. Mt. Erebus located on Ross Island, Antarctica is the world’s southern-most active volcano. Discovered in 1841 by James Ross, it is one of only a very few volcanoes in the world with a long-lived (decades or more) lava lake. Scientific research, sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) since began the early 1970’s had included basic study of the petrology and geophysics of the volcano, the eruptive history, activity and degassing behavior of the lava lake, and the overall impact of the volcano on the Antarctica and global environment. Research on Mt. Erebus has been primarily conducted by scientists in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science and the Bureau of Geology and Mineral resources at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

How inconvenient that this information has not been spread throughout the media to educate people, so that they can plan for the future.

Links: BAS Ship Information