Friday, March 12, 2010

Volcanic Heating of the Earth's Oceans and Atmosphere

Watch the following Video of a undersea Volcanic eruption:

Watch the video and listen to the commentary about how an estimated 80 % of volcanic activity occurs below the ocean.

Think on this!

When the earth cracks more during periods of high earthquakes, as we are experiencing now ( March 11,2010), more of the earth's water comes in contact with the hot nuclear core of the earth, thus heating more of the earths oceans When you watch the video notice the bursts of gases. They are hot carbon dioxide and other gases.
Perhaps this is acidifying the oceans more than a man made increase in the .06 percent of atmospheric carbon dioxide?
The topic I am discussing in this article seems never to be mentioned by the propaganda ministry when global climate change is discussed. WHY?

An example comes to mind to illustrate the point of how the volcanic heating of the ocean is a large contributor to total heat input into the atmosphere:
A pot filled with ice cubes and water is sitting on a stove with the burner set to high heat. If left on the stove the ice water would eventually boil, right? What the persons selling man made global warming want the people to believe is that a person blowing on the same pot on the stove is the one responsible for melting the pot of ice.
I don't think this is amusing or am I ready to just scoff at the incredulous of their proposition.
Any one proposing such delusion is as dangerous as any mass murder or dictator you can name from history. Many of our neighbors are misinformed but from my experience I find more of them are they that enjoy the telling and believing of big lies.
Almost all the wisdom of the ages teaches a basic principle:
If some one would lie to you they would murder you.
Remember that when you are discussing "Man made Global Warming" with one of its adherents.