Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Rocks Float Higher on Earth’s Molten Core?

In a recent article published in the the June,2007 issue of Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth two scientists offer a another factor to be considered in the Climate change discussion.
Here are excerpts of the news release from the University of Utah:

  • “Scientists usually attribute the buoyancy and elevation of various continental areas to variations in the thickness and mineral composition (and thus density) of crustal rocks. But Chapman says researchers have failed to appreciate how heat makes rock in the continental crust and upper mantle expand to become less dense and more buoyant.

  • "We found a good explanation for the elevation of continents," Hasterok says. "We now know why some areas are higher or lower than others. It's not just what the rocks are made of; it's also how hot they are."

In effect the two scientists,Derrick Hasterok and David Chapman of the University of Utah,say that their theory is:

that Rock structure that is warmer than other similar rock masses, is less dense and will rise up higher in elevation above the Earth's molten core.

The dynamic between molten rock under water and rock in the atmosphere is mentioned in the study.

Just like sticking your finger into the crust of a Hot Cherry pie, first depresses the surface, and then breaks through, causing the hot contents to spill out over the pie crust surface ,so it is with the earth’s mantle and molten core.

The News release about the study gives an additional perspective to the discussion of global warming and cooling by describing the process where molten lava flowing onto the seabeds around the earth cools, becomes more dense and pushes the mantle down into the molten (liquid) core.This causes uplift of the Warmer more bouyant Rock above sea level that is exposed to the Atmosphere.

The stresses caused in the Earth’s mantle, from a LAVA Lamp type dynamic plays an important part in understanding climate change. If you have ever watched a LAVA Lamp for any extended period of time you will observe the globules rise and then cool and descend back down to the lamp in the base of the Lamp in an endless cycle, at least while the power is on to the lamp.

The Earth’s molten core has a similar circulation pattern.

THINK: Where in the rise and fall ,Heating and Cooling Cycle ,of the Earth’s Molten Core, are we right Now?

Ice Ages happened without man’s intervention and so have warming periods.

How else would anyone explain the following:

· Ferns and Breadfruit fossils in Greenland
· Continents shifting
· Periods of Volcanic Eruptions
· Submergence of Ancient Cites that at one time where above sea level.

Today you can Scuba Dive over a complete city in 30 feet of water,located miles from the existing coast of present day Egypt .A city that was above WATER within the Last 2,200 years.

According to some of todays "scientists" ,some one must of ran their SUV too long 2,200 years ago!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

How Intense Can It Get:Earth's Climate Change and the Sun

The previous Earth Sciences Post gave other sources for an additional perspective on the issue of Climate Change.
This Post includes another perspective about the Earth's own Sun and its' affect on the Earth's Climate.

Almost every one knows that the Sun has an affect on the Earth's temperature.No PhD from MIT or Cal Tech is needed to figure that one out.It is presently summer in the Northern hemisphere and probably most of us have participated in the following scientific experiment when:

  • we first stand out in the direct sunlight,determine that it is hot and then
  • stand in the shade and determine it is cooler than standing in direct sunlight.
  • Thus deducing that the Sun generates Heat that reaches the Earth, from however far away it is.
Now the brilliance of great science is to reduce a complex and involved principle into simple terms.
I hope I have done a brilliant job of that with the above example,especially having spoken about one of the most dazzling of subjects ,the Sun.

Excuse the pun,but I want to make this at least a little bit fun.

You surely recall being taught, if you attended a USA public school as I did, that the Sun is presumed to burn Hydrogen in a Nuclear reaction that produces Heat and Helium.
That the Sun's heat is what helps keeps the Earth warm and the production of Helium is causing the Sun to slowly expand and that one day, far off in the future, the Sun will slowly expand and consume the Planets Mercury,Venus and our Planet Earth,giving each a severe case of "Global Warming"!
Another thing I was taught was that the Sun has spots that appear on it's surface and that they run in cycles of about every 7 to 11 years.
That when the spots are large and active, that they can erupt, spraying out jets of highly charged Ionized particles that can disrupt Earths Power and Communications systems,if the Earth happens to be in the path of the Solar jet.

Any one ever use a microwave oven?
It uses Highly charged particles(waves) to heat an object with out touching it.

Another example of highly charged particles is the "Northern Lights" or Aurora Borealis in the Northern Hemisphere.
It is one of Natures most brilliant shows,which is similar to how a fluorescent fixture works except it is the Earths Atmosphere which is the gas in the bulb and the electrical source is the Sun's Particles.When it is not a Solar Flare jet lighting the night sky, it is the Solar Wind,which blows all the time from the surface of the Sun to the Earth.
When the Earth is caught in the direct path of a LARGE Solar Flare jet the Northern Lights have been seen as far south as Florida and Mississippi,but generally are only visible, when just the solar wind is blowing ,as far south as the state of Indiana.

The Strength of the Earth's Own Magnetic Field plays a part in the "Northern Lights" and also figures in the earth's Total Climate Temperature.
(A most interesting subject that will be discussed in more detail in a coming article.)
Here is a Preview of that article:
You do know that the Earths Magnetic Poles are about to Flip, right?

All the above information has laid the ground work for the following:
  • The Sun Directly affects the Temperature of the Earth
  • The charged particles from the Sun's surface reach the Earth at all times in various quantities
  • That the amount of particles determines the intensity of the Northern Lights,just as the light bulb's wattage determines its' brilliance

The questions are:

  1. Is the Sun's expansion heating up the Earth?
  2. If it is not expanding in size ,then is an increase in the intensity of it's Nuclear reactions creating some form of inductive heating of the Earth's atmosphere?
  3. Is our solar system itself, as it travels through space, encountering energy streams of varying intensity from other stars?
  4. Does the intensity of the Sun Spots cycle and the resultant increase in Solar Activity,such as Solar Flares and an increase in the Solar Wind, have any affect on the climate of the Earth?

I now refer you to some quotes from an Article in the July 2007 issue of
Discover Magazine, found on Page 47 and written by Marion Long

The article is an interview with a Brilliant scientist named:
Henrik Svensmark

Here is his theory in short:
That the intensity of Cosmic Rays reaching the Earth's atmosphere determines the amount of the Earth's Cloud Cover, thus this is ONE MORE factor in determining the Earth's overall surface temperatures.

Two other scientists in 1991 released a study of 100 years of climate and sunspot activity and found:

  • a correlation between the intensity of solar activity with the overall temperature of the Earth

Henrik Svensmark believes that when there are High intensity periods of Sunspots and Solar flares reaching Earth, that the Sun's Charged Particle streams reduce the Cosmic Rays penetrating the atmosphere, which causes less clouds, thus warming of the Earth.

He mentions as proof for his theory what is commonly referred to as the:

  • Little Ice Age some 300 years ago, around 1707
  • Between 1650 to 1715, very few sunspots were observed on the Sun, meaning there was low solar activity,thus more clouds covering the Earth due to cosmic rays affecting the atmosphere, thus producing a colder planet
  • During the Medieval era there was a warm period that correlated to a period of intense Sunspot and Solar Flare activity.High solar activity means a warmer planet due to less cloud formation due to the shielding of the earth from the Cosmic Rays by the Sun's Highly charged Solar Wind.

Important Point:

Henrik Svensmark states in the interview:

  1. that his concept is a theory
  2. and that he is working on experiments,which the initial results from have shown that his ideas have validity
  3. That there are other reasons for climate Change that have little to do with CO2!!!!

For instance:

  • Say he is right and intense Solar activity causes a warmer Earth
  • Say that while there is this warmer period a Volcano erupts such as Mt Pinatubo did in the Philippines on June 15, 1991.
  • that the Volcano produces Ash and smoke in such a quantity that it causes cloud formation, as MT Pinatubo did,and that it cools the Earth by approximately 3/4 degree C. in temperature, as Mt Pinatubo did in the years 1992 and 1993.(The United States had its third coldest and third wettest summer in 77 years in the year 1992, following the eruption)


  1. Is the Earth going to be warmer or Cooler when both the above conditions happen at the same time?

I could offer my answer now, but won't,You THINK it through.

I promise in the future to add up all the various arguments being presented and offer my call as to what the present climate trend is.

My Points:

  • Many different forces add up or subtract to create the Overall Temperature of the Earth's surface
  • man made CO2 has not been proven to be a factor in previous,LONG LASTING,periods of Climate Change.
  • Until a theory is proven it is only a theory(not withstanding the substance of Faith in pursuing what something inside you shows you is True before you ever see the proof of it)

For anyone who disputes the second of my above points , due to my mention of faith,go argue with Einstein about whether he had that Dream or Vision of riding a beam of light through the universe.I say that was an element of Faith, as it was the substance of something not yet proved.Einsteins proof proved to be quite dramatic,such as in a huge BOOM called a Nuclear Bomb.

God forbid an agnostic or atheist would have to admit that Einstein had faith to prove his theory!

Yet it is a point you can't get around, just like you can't escape the proof that the Sun affects the earth's temperature,perhaps in ways published science hasn't even yet considered.More Scientists like Henrik Svensmark deserve to be getting more funding,but aren't.

Read the article in Discover to "discover" how Henrik is getting his funding.Maybe you'll be amazed ,maybe you won't.When you read the article and learn who is funding his research,come back and leave a Comment on how we can support Henrik through support of the company funding his research.I have what I think would be a "brilliant" campaign,but I will hold off presenting mine, until others contribute theirs.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Global Warming:Scientific Fact or Propaganda?

All the water body's on Earth seep down and contact the Molten rock through the cracks that exist all over the Earths surface.
The illustration above shows the path of the water to the magma.
The picture to the left is of a steady stream of HOT WATER flowing into the ocean,referred to as a Black Smoker.By the way it is generally loaded with Carbon Dioxide.
CO2 emissions? Green house gases?

So, unless some one has done the calculations accurately of just how much CO2 these seeps are emitting:

1) How can we know that reducing all "Green House" gases will stop the Global warming?

2)If the source of the Earth's temperature increase is from the Earth's water thermal interface with the Molten core, what will be the consequences if this knowledge it is discounted and or ignored?

For how the scientific discussion of Climate Change is being hijacked read this Financial Times Article.

The title of the Article is:
Freedom, not climate, is at risk
By Vaclav Klaus
Published: June 13 2007

When you visit the Financial Times you will be able to ask Vaclav Klaus questions that will be answered by him in the Times.Mr Klaus will answer your questions in an online Q&A. You can Post a question now to ask@ft.com. His answers to a selection of questions will appear on Thursday June 21 from 1pm BST.

Mr Klaus recently appeared before the United States Congress and testified on the issue of "Global Warming".Mr Klaus grew up under Communist teaching and propaganda, until becoming the Current freely elected President of the Czech Republic
My thanks to George Gilder of the THE FRIDAY LETTER a Free Email Report sent out every Friday.It is Free to subscribe to, and anyone investing in Technology should be a paid subscriber to the Gilder Technology Report.

For a longer Opinion piece directed to the producer of the movie; “An Inconvenient Truth” visit
George Gilder's Blog. http://blog.gildertech.com/
His daughter is the Guest Blogger.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Climate Change from an Earth Sciences View

The earth is in constant Motion and change:
  • Volcanoes build mountains above and below the oceans
  • Water from Oceans,Rains,rivers,Lakes and Streams erode Land and transport it from one area to another
  • Atmospheric Winds erode all surfaces
  • Earthquakes lift up and submerge land,break apart land masses and alter the spin of the earth in its orbit around the Sun
  • Climate changes in cycles repeatedly over the history of the earth
  • What were once tropical swamps are now Artic wilderness
  • What were once Artic wastelands are now mountain tops in temperate climates
  • What were once inhabited lands are now submerged under 100's of feet of water
  • What were once ocean bottoms are now the surface lands we presently live on

When Global Warming is mentioned in science,among some scientists it is greeted as a fact.

I want to state in this first Post that I personally believe the following:

  1. That the Earths Climate is Changing
  2. That there is a absolute Truth that the Earth overall is either getting Warmer or Cooler
  3. That the answer of which is the case, can be Scientifically proven

Number three in the list above is where Truth seekers say one thing and the deluded liars say another.

The true spirit of science unravels when people with an agenda attempt to conform Data to prove what they say is true.Notice I said, say is true without any regard to what in fact may be the truth,which may be opposite of what they say!

If you live in Australia on this day and date of June 11,2007 you may believe that there is Global Warming,because after all Australia is having a 100 year Drought.That is your neighborhood,but does that mean the WHOLE Earth is warming?After all there are droughts occurring somewhere across the Globe every year.

One scientific fact that I don't see being discussed is that of the interface of the water in the Earth's Oceans with the Molten Magma just below the Earth's solid crust.

The earth's surface is filled with cracks and all bodies of water eventually come in contact with earth rock that is warmer than the water itself.

If anyone needs proof of that principle:

  • Go watch Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park,I have.
  • Ask Deep Sea explorer Dr Ballard of Titanic fame, about the Hot water Vents he found and that have been found many places across the Earth's Ocean floor
  • Go sit in one of thousands of Hot Springs that are found across the the surface of the Earth above the water level of the Earth's Oceans.

Have Earthquakes caused by the shifting of the Earths Crust, which floats on top of a Liquid Molten core, increased the volume of Ocean water coming in contact with and being heated by that Molten Core??

What effect would that increase have on the Earth's Climate?

It is theorized that the center molten core of the Planet Earth has a temperature of:

7,000 degree Celsius = 12,632 degree Fahrenheit. If I recall properly water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level and that human kind is comfortable at 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit air temperature.

What proof is there that it is happening?

If that is the major factor in Global warming then what should mankind's response be?

If it is the primary cause, are those advocating cutting "Green House" emissions willing to admit the Truth?

Is there an increase in CO2 gases from mankind's activities alone or is most coming from within the earth?

Next Post will cover the answers to those questions.