Monday, January 21, 2008

Subsea Volcanoes and Carbon Dioxide

There have been reports of many dormant volcanoes erupting with in the last two weeks. All of them spewing out large volumes of super hot lava, carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere.

These are reported because they are erupting near population centers, so making it into the news media.

What about all the eruptions occurring beneath the waves of the earth’s oceans out of sight?Volcanic activities which are acidifying the ocean water, from the large quantities of carbon dioxide they release.That same carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere as the earth's oceans warm from the geothermal heating,not atmospheric heating.

This brings up the following point:

The Earth is a Molten mass that generates its own heat! It has to be that the earth is similar to the sun, in that it generates its own heat. If not, where does the molten lava spewing from all the volcanoes come from?

All the Water in the oceans of the World is in direct contact with the Molten Core within the earth. On land there is Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone Park; where water seeping through cracks in the earth, contacts the molten lava and turns to steam.

Think of how much warming must be happening to the water of the Oceans of the World as it seeps down into the earth through cracks in the ocean floor.

What happens if an earthquake cracks the floor of the Oceans and more water, at a faster rate, is heated by the molten lava?

Mr. Bob Ballard of Titanic fame, has discovered holes on the oceans floor, smoker vents, spewing out superheated streams of water. The Ocean floor is porous and all the water in the world eventually comes in contact with the internal heat from the molten core of the Earth and is HEATED by it. What determines how much heat is transferred to the water? Global Warning explained in the Light of the Truth. Notice the word Truth.

Have you ever had an argument with a Liar or group of Liars? Ask the next Global Warming Hysteric you meet about the above information. And ask;
"Since the atmosphere is in contact with the vacuum of space where it is close to absolute zero temperature isn't the Earth actually cooling off? And because the atmosphere is being sucked off into outer space shouldn't we keep our cars and SUV's running at all times to replenish it?"
You got to admit, it has the possibility of starting a HEATED conversation!

The discussion of climate change, has among many persons, degenerated into a discussion of a religion, the religion of “mother earth”, gaia and “Global warming”.

As to the belief that man kind and his activities alone are effecting climate change, here is a religious perspective backed by prophecy given and prophecy fulfilled:

"And God sent them a strong Delusion that they should believe a LIE"

Strong words,inflammatory rhetoric some would cry.No, just an adherence to the seeking of Truth,not science, falsely so called.

Prove that "Global Warming " is caused by mankind's CO2 emissions, is my challenge to the new religionists of "Mother Earth".They can't.Yet the scientific proof is there in the studies and reports of the volcanic and geothermal heating of the oceans.While the adherents to this new religion,actually an old religion,urge everyone to go back to serfdom,the necessary preparations, based on accurate scientific data, for mankind's continued prosperity and health are not being made.

The consequences to our civilization will indeed be grave,no pun intended!

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