Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Black Death and Climate Change

Climate change, not Global Warming caused the Black Death
(bubonic plague) that killed an estimated 75 million people, or 1/3 of the Western Christian Civilization in Europe.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in January of 2008 details the research of Anthropologists Sharon N. DeWitte and James W. Wood.
They examined the human remains of a Black Death cemetery in London and compared them with remains from cemeteries in Denmark, where the Black Death did not affect the local population.
The results were this:

Black Death killed more people who were starved of essential nutrients and already suffering from disease then it did well fed and healthy persons.
Why were they starved of essential nutrients and already suffering from disease?
Because the Medieval Warming Period, which ended around the year 1300, enabled abundant crops over much of Europe for hundreds of years. This continual abundance of food then created a population boom. The milder winters and longer growing seasons resulted in smaller amounts of environmental stress on the European peoples. As a result, by the year 1300 most of Europe’s people’s were well fed and generally healthy.

Then came the Great Famine of 1315–1322, the direct result of the cooling of the European climate, usually called the Little Ice Age. It started with three years of torrential rains beginning in 1315.The bad weather of the spring of 1315 resulted in crop failures over most of Europe and lasted until the summer of 1317.The unstable weather lasted in Europe until the 19th century and was characterized by severe winters and no or very short growing seasons.

When did the Black Death ravage Europe? From the years 1347 to 1351.

It doesn’t take a college degree to figure the natural chain of events caused by the Climate Change of 1300 to 1322.

The so called “Global Warming” of the Medieval Warming Period sparked the greatest boom in prosperity and health of the last 1,000 years in Europe. The climate change resulting in the Little Ice Age caused massive death and misery.

When people of the first half of the 1300's became starved, their immunity to common infections dropped, that combined with improper sanitation,lack of clean water and environmental stress set the stage for the Black Death.

Today climate change is still happening and the United States has done well to not comply with the Kyoto treaty. The answers for Americans are not to be found in the “Global Warming” policies as espoused by the zealots of that religious movement, but in private, local. state and national government planning for the future based on science, not “politics”.

Nothing less than avoiding massive levels of criminal activity, disease,cannibalism and mass death are at stake. Even the future of Personal Liberty is at risk.

Read the plans that so called scientists have in store for reducing the Earths population and then consider the policies of the Kyoto treaty along with the personal opinions of the “Global Warming” zealots. You will then understand why the “Global Warming” zealots should be fought and prevented from determining government policies.

If you are touchy feely and believe in the “goodness” of man, just wait until there is no food to eat due to present day misguided private and government policies.
The hunger crazed person you meet some day in the future might very well think that you were good, as in, you tasted very good.


Anonymous said...

So what happened to all the people in the Mediterranean who didn't suffer from the Great Famine of 1315? Why'd they die in huge numbers from the plague, too?

archaeopteryx said...

This is quite late for a response to anonymous 9.28, but the 14th century had devastation, depopulation, starvation and death all over the Aegean.